On Thursday this week (18 May 2017, an Israeli settler distributed chocolates to “celebrate” the killing of a Palestinian youth, Muataz Shamsa (23). The Israeli settler can be seen, in a video posted online, saying: “We killed a Palestinian vandal today...I am distributing candy to celebrate the killing. I want to congratulate the Israeli people for the vandal’s death.” Shamsa was shot dead earlier in the day by another Israeli settler who also shot an Associated Press photographer in the hand. Shamsa was part of a picket in solidarity with #PalestinianPoliticalPrisoners who are on day 34 of a hunger strike launched [...]

Over 1500 Palestinian political prisoners launch hunger strike (Press Conference)

24 April 2017 Members of the media are invited to a press conference today (Monday 24 April 2017) at 12h00 in Johannesburg at Constitution Hill (Women's Jail, Constitution Hill, 11 Kotze St, Johannesburg). The press conference will outline and update members of the media regarding the current hunger strike launched by Palestinian political prisoners, conditions they face and the Israeli response thus far (click here or see below for background info). We will also announce nationwide actions, events and other activities that will be embarked on across South Africa in solidarity with this hunger strike that Palestinian political prisoners launched exactly [...]

Symbolic 24 hour fast and day of action for #PalestinianPoliticalPrisoners

24 April 2017 Below is a press statement from today's press conference at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg. Who we are Under the banner “Free Palestinian Political Prisoners,” we gather here today as representatives from an array of South African civil society organizations including the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Embassy of the State of Palestine, BDS South Africa, SA Jews for a Free Palestine, Palestine Solidarity Alliance, Palestine Solidarity Committee, Ex Political Prisoners Association of South Africa and the National Coalition 4 Palestine (NC4P) which includes more than 40 organizations, trade unions and political parties. We have formed an initial campaign committee in support of the [...]

On workers day Palestinian trade unions call for intensification of BDS & support for #PalestinianPoliticalPrisoners

30 April 2017 Ahead of international Workers Day on May 1st, Palestinian trade unions have released a statement saluting workers worldwide as well as calling for an intensification of the BDS boycott of Israel and support for the #PalestinianPoliticalPrisoners on hunger strike . Their statement reads: On May Day, we Palestinian trade unions are proud to stand with the trade union movement internationally as we collectively resist attacks on our working conditions, cuts to public services and job losses. We lend our voices to the mass rallies taking place internationally uniting trade unions, immigrants and refugees, social movements, and environmentalists fighting for [...]

300 Palestinian Children in Israeli Prisons (Film Screening and Presentation)

2 May 2017 | https://tinyurl.com/lrrxo6m Members of the media and public are invited to a free film screening and presentation on the over 300 Palestinian children currently incarcerated in Israeli prisons (click here for an article on the Israeli arrest and torture of Palestinian children.) The event, part of solidarity activities in support of #PalestinianPoliticalPrisoners currently on hunger strike since 17 April 2017, will take place tomorrow (Wednesday 3 May 2017) at Constitution Hill (Lekgotla Room, Women's Jail, Constitution Hill, 11 Kotze St, Johannesburg. Safe parking available). The event is a collaboration between various South African organizations in support of #PalestinianPoliticalPrisoners and their open [...]


Israelis have held a barbecue braai outside an Israeli prison to taunt #PalestinianPoliticalPrisoners who are currently on a hunger strike (for 17 days now) protesting their cruel treatment among other issues. The Israelis said that the prisoners “will enjoy breathing in the smoke and suffer from the smell of the meat, and [we will] show them that we will not give in to their whims.” (Click here for video). This Israeli tactic is not new nor an isolated incident, a few years back Israeli prison officials themselves planned to grill meat near the cells of #PalestinianPoliticalPrisoners on hunger strike (click here). Israeli defense [...]

Demands of the #PalestinianPoliticalPrisoners on hunger strike (April 2017)

1) Installation of a public telephone in each prison and section for Palestinian prisoners to communicate with their loved ones. 2) Family Visits A) Resume the second monthly visit, which was cut by the International Committee of the Red Cross B) Regular visits every two weeks without cancellation or interference C) No prevention of visits by relatives of the “first and second class” D) Increase the duration of visits from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours E) Allow photography with parents every three months F) Facilities for the comfort of prisoners’ parents at the prison entrance G) Children and grandchildren under the age of 16 allowed visitation [...]