NC4P Terms of Engagement

 NC4P Terms of Engagement

10 November 2016

The purpose of this document and communication is to establish the terms of engagement for the use of the NC4P telecommunications platforms (primarily, the text platform and email mailing list).

It is important that all participants comply with these terms of engagement failing which she / he may be removed from the communication platform.

The main aim of these platforms are to share information relating to our Palestinian solidarity work which includes but is not limited to the following: our organisation’s activities related to Palestine, press statements related to Palestine and events related to Palestine. Discussion, dialogue and engagement between members is permitted, however if the discussion is only relevant to two people it is strongly advised that such discussions are moved to off-list.

The platforms are strictly not to be used to vent or facilitate sectarian, religious or ideological arguments and the forwarding of information on any other issues which individuals or our organisations are involved in is strictly prohibited.

These platforms are also not meant for forwarded articles, spam messages, marketing material, personal matters, family or personal achievements or proselytising material. Members are also required to conduct themselves with the appropriate decorum and no vulgar, racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic or any discriminatory form of language will be tolerated.

The platforms will be overseen by three people, which will be decided by the NC4P, and this will be reviewed after a one year period.

Should any member fail to comply with the terms of engagement the administrators reserve the right to remove that member from the applicable communication platform or take any other appropriate and reasonable action. Should any party take issue with any message or posting of another party, the aggrieved party should lodge a complaint with the administrators who will review the complaint and take any necessary action. This is to avoid members entering into personal arguments which detract from the purpose of the communication platforms and run the risk of deteriorating into unpleasant combats.

No information or discussion that takes place on NC4P communication platforms can be forwarded or shared with any external individual, organisation, group, media, or other party not affiliated to NC4P without the permission of members. All discussions are confidential.

We trust that all members will find these communication platforms informative and a space to further collaboration between our organisations.

Code of Conduct